Under-mine Wireless Solution
The importance of mine communication is incomparable. The underground communication system is an indispensable facility for mine safety protection and production scheduling.GPSENKE has designed a set of WiFi6 underground wireless communication system.This set of communication system has high transmission rate,low latency, large number of concurrency, high reliability and high cost performance, which can meet the special communication requirements in all mines.
ATM Terminal Coverage Solution
Nowadays,Most of the existing ATM terminals use wired network access, but this access method has great limitations.However,Financial institutions can deploy self-service devices anywhere within the wireless coverage area.The ATM terminal wireless coverage scheme provided by GPSENKE consists of three parts: terminal ATM machine, wireless communication equipment, bank center system.
River Monitoring Network Transmission Solution
It is planned to install wireless video monitoring system and river water level telemetry equipment in each river, and install remote monitoring system in the monitoring center.This system use WLAN wireless video surveillance technology, with the current 4G data transmission, So that It can fully meet the requirements of conventional video monitoring and data collection.
Chemical Explosion-proof Wireless Coverage Solution
The project site needs wireless data transmission. Since the site belongs to the petroleum and petrochemical environment, an explosion-proof AP is required for wireless coverage.GPSENKE GP-AP1200-FB can be used at the project site to meet the needs.The four points on the site are to arrange noise-proof instruments, and transmit data to the center through wireless connection.
Wireless Smart Parking Wireless Solution
Smart parking refers to the comprehensive application of wireless communication technology, mobile terminal technology, GPS positioning technology, GIS technology, etc. to the collection, management, query, reservation and navigation services of urban parking spaces to realize real-time update, query, reservation and navigation of parking space resources. The integration of navigation services can maximize the utilization of parking space resources, maximize the profit of the parking lot and optimize the parking service for car owners.
Wireless Smart Mining Industry Solution
Smart mines are based on the premise and foundation of mine digitization and informatization. Active perception, automatic analysis, and rapid processing of mine production, occupational health and safety, technical support, and logistics support, etc. Construction of mines, efficient mines, and clean mines.
Wireless Railway Stations Solutions
At present, in order to improve work efficiency in railway stations, such as locomotive depots, vehicle depots, and passenger depots, there are more and more demands for connecting business systems through handheld terminals, and the demand for wireless network deployment is also becoming stronger and stronger.
Smart Substation Communication Solutions
Automatically completes basic functions such as information collection, measurement, control, protection, metering and detection. At the same time, it has a substation that supports advanced functions such as real-time automatic control of power grids, intelligent regulation, online analysis and decision-making, and collaborative interaction.
Urban Underground Pipe Gallery Network Solution
The underground comprehensive pipe gallery is a public tunnel built under the city ground for the centralized laying of municipal pipelines such as electric power, communication, radio and television, and water supply.
The underground comprehensive pipe gallery can effectively eliminate the phenomenon of "zipper road", so that technicians do not need to repeatedly excavate the road surface, and can repair, maintain, expand and transform various pipelines in the pipe gallery; at the same time, the pipeline repair time is greatly reduced.
Tunnel Monitoring Wireless Transmission Scheme
Tunnel video monitoring system is an important supporting project and infrastructure in tunnel construction. It provides image transmission for the operation and management of departments at all levels, and ensures the efficient operation of locomotive.
Vehicle Video Surveillance Solutions
The vehicle mobile network monitoring system adopts advanced digital video and audio monitoring technology, installs terminals on the vehicle, and uses a large-capacity hard disk to record and save the video and audio information inside and outside the vehicle in real time for future verification and use.
Warehouse AGV Wireless Network Solution
The logistics industry is at the heart of physical automation, and the rapid development of robotics, artificial intelligence, computer vision and edge computing capabilities has allowed robots to grow.With its wireless bridge supporting high mobility, strong confidentiality and strong anti-interference, GPSENKE has established a complete set of wireless automation solutions for the logistics industry, which can meet various wireless automation applications in the logistics industry.
Wireless network coverage scheme in zone
Smart zone refers to a industrial zone construction based on smart standards. The standard definition of a smart zone in the national standard GB/T 36342 "Smart zone Overall Framework" is: the organic connection between physical space and information space, enabling Anyone, anytime, anywhere can easily access resources and services.
Application scheme of wind turbine wireless WiFi coverage
The wireless solution of wind power project is designed based on the function, performance and technical indicators of WiFi wireless system within the unit, and meets the requirements of WiFi coverage business in the unit.The specific construction contents include:Realize 802.11n Wireless full coverage of fan tower bottom, tower barrel and tower bottom;construction of wireless system security access authentication system;Build a wired and wireless integrated management platform.
Wireless WiFi positioning solution in pipe gallery
The positioning system is a positioning service system (hereinafter referred to as the system) specially developed by our company for the industrial project site demand. The system is composed of GP cloud + AC + AP + terminal app + map server. The positioning system can be used in petroleum and petrochemical plant area, coal mine roadway and municipal underground pipe gallery and other industrial field environment.