Under-mine Wireless Solution
The importance of mine communication is incomparable. The underground communication system is an indispensable facility for mine safety protection and production scheduling.GPSENKE has designed a set of WiFi6 underground wireless communication system.This set of communication system has high transmission rate,low latency, large number of concurrency, high reliability and high cost performance, which can meet the special communication requirements in all mines.
Wireless Smart Mining Industry Solution
Smart mines are based on the premise and foundation of mine digitization and informatization. Active perception, automatic analysis, and rapid processing of mine production, occupational health and safety, technical support, and logistics support, etc. Construction of mines, efficient mines, and clean mines.
Tunnel Monitoring Wireless Transmission Scheme
Tunnel video monitoring system is an important supporting project and infrastructure in tunnel construction. It provides image transmission for the operation and management of departments at all levels, and ensures the efficient operation of locomotive.