From "Made in China" to "intelligent manufacturing in China"

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Update time : 2022-10-26 15:40:04

From "Made in China" to "intelligent manufacturing in China"

The scale of China's industrial Internet exceeds one trillion RMB

        According to data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, At present, a total of 1.968 million 5G base stations have been built and opened in my country, the high-quality external network of the industrial Internet covers more than 300 cities across the country, and the construction of the national industrial Internet big data center system is steadily advancing.nowadays.Our country has built more than 150 industrial Internet platforms with certain regional and industry influence, connected more than 79 million sets of industrial equipment, and served more than 1.6 million industrial enterprises.

Industrial Internet Chain

       The industrial Internet industry chain is mainly divided into three links: upstream, middle and downstream.

1.The upstream of the industrial chain includes the network layer and the equipment layer. The main task is to solve the current situation of various industrial production equipment and inconsistent communication protocols, provide industrial data connection, conversion and data preprocessing functions for the platform, and provide communication solutions for the industrial Internet.
       2.The midstream of the industry chain includes the platform layer and the software layer. It mainly provides an operating system similar to Windows, and applies existing mature software solutions to the industrial field. Provide basic platform support for the Industrial Internet.
       3.The downstream of the industrial chain is mainly the application layer. Relying on the above information technology and system solutions for first-line production.


GPSENKE, as an industrial communication enterprise integrating product research and development, technical support, sales and service, is located in the upstream layer of the industrial Internet industry chain.In the future, our work focus is to rely on network technology to apply communication system solutions to the production line and close the industrial Internet of industry chain;Transform the digital construction of the manufacturing industry into a public capability for efficient access—deposit technologies including cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence, integrate them into simple and easy-to-implement specific applications, So as to empower the enterprise.

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