GPSENKE Wireless zero-roaming , Eminence Wisdom Warehouse

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Update time : 2022-09-14 17:40:38
GPSENKE Wireless zero-roaming,Eminence Wisdom Warehouse


GPSENKE Wireless zero-man trip scheme displayed in 2022 China Robot Industry Development Conference


Exhibition Introduction

2022 China Machine Industry Development Conference, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City. China Machine Industry Development Conference is the most powerful and influential annual conference in our country's machine industry. From this conference onwards, the theme of “high-quality development new stage” is to focus on concentrating business wisdom, forming and working together, promoting industry jointly, propulsion equipment human-industry high-quality development new stage.

Refinement, commercialization and standardization of warehouse logistics requirements. To enhance the ability to supply and deliver volume, active and coordinated performance, full realization, transportation, distribution, distribution information, automation, from comprehensive network response, quality, seamless operation, etc. Multiple demands.

  GPSENKE product real wireless zero-running plan, customer terminal AG1000 application GPSENKE GP-Roaming function, real self-running, possible and compatible with most of the market wireless AP. Movement speed, real-time wireless network testing, assisted AGV intelligence factory for high core industrial production efficiency, high-performance intelligence factory.

Exhibition Scene



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