GPSENKE Won The Best Supplier Award

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Update time : 2022-09-28 15:13:54

GPSENKE Won The Best Supplier Award

The 2022 Pipe Gallery Supplier Conference was held in Beijing a few days ago. Jason, the general manager of GPSENKE, was invited to attend the conference on behalf of the company. At the meeting, Jason and industry business partners discussed the opportunities and development of smart pipe gallery. at the same time, GPSENKE was awarded the Best Supplier Award at the meeting.


GPSENKE is a leading solution provider for network communication of smart pipe gallery,It has created a stable, reliable and safe industrial-grade bearer network for urban underground integrated pipe gallery, from wireless network coverage to wired network connection, from equipment edge access to network core convergence,Provide a complete network communication solution for the informatization of urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery.

At present, the urban smart pipe gallery has won the support and advocacy of the state.Facing new opportunities and challenges, GPSENKE continues to strengthen R&D, production and service as always.Further deepen the relationship with various partners and achieve common development with them.

As an important supplier in the pipe gallery communication industry, GPSENK has been recognized by users for two consecutive years and has been rated as the best supplier. GPSENK will always strive to become the preferred communication partner of customers!

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