International Wind Energy Exhibition Conference- GPSENKE is coming!

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Update time : 2022-10-18 13:54:07

International Wind Energy Exhibition Conference-- GPSENKE is coming!


From 2nd to 4th in November , 2022.GPSENKE,a global industrial internet communication technology solution provider,will attend the International Wind Energy Exhibition Conference.Booth NO.1-135.

Nowadays,as the country pays more and more attention to energy and environmental protection issues.The development and utilization of wind energy is becoming more and more important as a clean renewable energy, Wind power has become one of the power generation methods with mature technology, large-scale development conditions and commercial development prospects in the field of renewable energy. By the end of 2020, the cumulative grid-connected installed capacity of wind power across the country will reach more than 210 million kilowatts, accounting for about 6% of the country's total power generation,It plays an important role in the reform of our country's energy structure. The newly added and cumulative installed capacity of wind turbines has ranked first in the world for many years.

 This exhibition,GPSENKE will mainly launch ring network switch series products and fan-specific wireless AP supporting IPV6 to the public,which has the advantages of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and salt-proof.Furthermore,We will also upgrade the wind farm fiber optic networking technology solution again,The upgraded solution will meet the requirements of the WiFi coverage business in the unit according to the function, performance and technical indicators of the WiFi wireless system in the unit, and provide a new solution for the communication of smart wind farms.


Meanwhile,GPSENKE has successfully launched out a set of operation and maintenance system which was independently developed by us.The system stability is above 99.99%,It does not only include monitoring of wind farms like the previous system,The new system has added new functions such as energy management, fault diagnosis, early warning, energy storage and so on.

GPSENKE combines high-quality products, complete solutions, and new operation and maintenance systems to form a complete and professional technical solution for wind farm optical fiber networking.We hope that this solution can meet the needs of the integration of various systems in the wind power industry, and apply the wind farm optical fiber networking technology to all aspects of the entire wind power industry, so as to help our wind power industry.

In order to further expand the international market, we cooperate with many countries and regions in Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia, and cooperate with local governments in the early stage of optical fiber network planning to promote longer-term multilateral cooperation.We rub our eyes and wait while we continue to innovate.Together with our partners, we can deliver Chinese electricity to more countries and regions.

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