IPv6----Full Line Upgrade Solution

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IPv6----Full Line Upgrade Solution

WLAN solution

High-speed development of mutual connection network, mutual connection point equipment is growing rapidly. End-to-end management of this little device, IPV4 future unsatisfactory demand, demand IPv6 technical support.

In 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology launched the implementation of IPv6 network implementation, and requested that the implementation of IPv6 support for IPv6 support, etc. Educational activities in high school, national universal promotion IPv6 promotion application. Published in August 2018 by the Ministry of Education 《Notice of Action Plan for Promotion of IPv6 Modeling Department》

IPv6 advantage

The main purpose of IPv6 technology development is to solve a short and difficult problem. IPv6 region length is 128 bits, the maximum number of regions that can be provided is 2:128 regions, and IPv4 regions are 2:96 regions. This quantity is almost impossible to imagine, and it is a figurative analogy --- IPv6 is available, so every single particle of the world is distributed to a single site.

In addition to the purpose of insufficient quantity, the application of network security issues has not been interrupted, and ipv6 has increased the priority in terms of security in the network security, and the national mutual network security has been highly emphasized and has been directly promoted.
      Created by providing industrial communication products and solutions, GPSENKE works directly with IPv6 technology applications. GPSENKE in 2020 will support IPv6 network products in the country, and in 2021, it will be applied to wind farms, coal and other industries, and various industries will jointly promote IPV6 mutual network construction.


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