New trends in industrial communication lead the future

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Update time : 2022-11-04 17:26:34

New trends in industrial communication lead the future

With the integration of IT and OT technologies,people become highly demanding for more efficient and reliable data transmission networks.There is no doubt that any modern factory or digital application scenario is inseparable from the support of high-speed, safe and reliable industrial networks.

In recent years, the popularization of industrial Ethernet has solved the problem that traditional serial communication is limited in wiring, interface and transmission distance.Nowadays, in industrial production sites, wired and wireless communication networks have become the basis for the comprehensive interconnection of people, machines and things, It is also the foundation of efficient collection, transmission, analysis and feedback of various data.These make it one of the most important infrastructures for the digitalization of the industry.

GPSENKE has been rooted in the industrial communication market for more than ten years,From basic serial port servers, protocol converters, wireless gateways, routers, industrial switches, to the popular TSN switches and even 5G gateways in recent years, GPSENKE ’s products have always been at the forefront of the industry,More and more users realize the benefits and necessity of equipment and system "compatibility" and "open standards",GPSENKE is one of the few manufacturers with both local area network and wide area network products, covering comprehensive industrial communication solutions inside and outside the factory.Creating a convenient one-stop shopping experience for customers is also a major advantage of GPSENKE in the field of industrial communications.

Looking to the future, whether it is TSN, industrial 5G, Wi-Fi 6, which are at the forefront of technology, or LoRa and smart gateways for low-power IoT applications,GPSENKE will actively participate in them to meet the future need of users.

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