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Supported by 50 Researchers and 40 Engineers
Our company has a big factory which the plant area reaches 3000m2. And the production lines up to 30. We have 50 researchers and 40 engineers in our technical department. We can produce from 5000 to 5999 pieces per month. The strong team background supports us with the high production and R&D capability.

Strictly QC Measures
Organizational measures: It's necessary to strictly implement the Regulations on the Quality Management of Construction Projects. Contract measures: According to the contract, supervise and conscientiously perform the rights, obligations, and responsibilities stipulated in the contract, and strictly control the performance of quality. Technical measures: The guarantee of project quality, including technical measures for quality control in the construction preparation stage, construction stage, and construction stage.

Strong After-sale service
We have a strong after-sales team, which has more than 50 people here. About Wireless AP we provide a 3-years guarantee. Regarding industrial switch, we provide a 5-years guarantee service. We provide a 24-hour online service. We sincerely welcome friends from all over the world to visit our company and cooperate with us based on long-term mutual benefits. We are looking forward to receiving your inquiries soon.

Place Your OEM/ODM Order Today
We guys with more than a decade of global business experience jointly established GPSENKE Technology Co., Ltd in Beijing, China. We can offer a wide range of products to meet the needs of the communication market. The company adheres to the principles of high quality, first-class craftsmanship, safe packaging, and timely delivery. Therefore, we can fully satisfy your demands. Has a large customer base. Our products are easy to sell to any country. Apart from our own products, we also provide OEM service. Call us now. 



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