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How do wireless bridge work in data transfer How do wireless bridge work in data transfer
Mar .22.2023
A wireless bridge is a device that connects two or more network segments together wirelessly, allowing for communication between devices that are not within the same physical location.
What ‘s the difference between WiFi 5 and 5G What ‘s the difference between WiFi 5 and 5G
Mar .15.2023
Over the past several years, many consumers adopted Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) that operates at five gigahertz (5GHz). At the same time, the mobile industry began chatting about the fifth generation of cellular network technology (5G). These similar labels cause confusion as many think Wi-Fi 5 and 5G are the same. However, 5G is here and it promises to be faster, more reliable and more efficient than the previous 4G network. But what is it performance when we compare it to Wi-Fi 5?
Mesh WiFi for Business Mesh WiFi for Business
Mar .09.2023
Mesh WiFi is a whole WiFi system built to provide uninterrupted WiFi throughout your office.Mesh networks broadcast from each point around your office,All points are wirelessly connected to each other.
Wifi in Commercial Scenario Wifi in Commercial Scenario
Mar .02.2023
Today’s businesses no longer need to connect to the internet via cables. People use wireless internet connections to communicate, work, and save money on data. Wi-Fi enabled your employees to connect with network and operations to run smoothly—which can positively affect your company’s revenue. There are many reasons to going with a high-end wireless network, Let’s take a look at some of them.