Why Choose Us

Our unique advantage

20 years communication  market experience

Speed in production cycle

Greater flexibility in R&D and production

24 hours online service

Not trade Control Blacklisted Companies

Familiar with import and export process

Pre-Sale Service

Customizable service

We can customize products according to customer needs, including product appearance, materials, software, and functions.


We can customize the initial plan according to the customer's project needs, considering the customer's input cost.

Provide sample testing and technical support

Protocol sharing

We provide the opening of some codes and protocols to assist customers in secondary development


Quality assurance

All products are the original packaging of the manufacturer, in line with the requirements of national quality standards.

Service hours

All products brought during the validity period of supply, our company insists on 24 working hours a day, 7 days a week.

Warranty period

Our products are warranted for three years lifetime technical service support and repairs

Technical advice

We are responsible for solving technical problems in design, commissioning, and operation, and bringing technical training guidance free of charge.


If you have any suggestions or question for us.Please contact us.